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Why Artsonia? Because…

Top Reasons Art Teachers Use Artsonia

Over the past decade, Artsonia has evolved into more than just a website for teachers who want to showcase their classroom art.  Instead, conversations with art teachers, “techy” people, parents and students have inspired us to become an “online destination” giving visitors various ways to benefit from the Artsonia program. As part of an ongoing series, we’d like to take a closer look at WHY so many art teachers have decided to get their school involved with Artsonia.

When asked what convinced them to give it a try, many responses are similar and sound something like “So and so told me that I had to check it out and since it’s free to try, I figured why not!”  The second part of that question then prompts the teacher to let us know what it was about Artsonia that keeps them committed to the program.  It’s here that we kick off our first of an ongoing series of entries, providing you with a little more insight on the Artsonia program and what teachers/schools truly believe are the benefits of participation.

Part 1: Every Child Is An Artist

Part 2: Families Are Getting Involved in Art Education

Part 3: Kids Love It and Attitudes are Improving!

Comments on: "Why Artsonia? Because…" (23)

  1. I love this program. Can’t wait to see if my child is really an artist like she said she was.

  2. nancy soto said:

    This program is great and it was the great feeling buy and receiving gifts with my daughter art work that she design herself. I loved it. As for Mrs. Harriet Harewood the art teacher what a great job she has done the whole year. She inspire my daughter to work as hard as she does. Thank you Mrs. Harewood for introduce us to this site. Hope the art program stay forever in M.S. 390 with you as the Teacher. Once again thank you for your hard work.

  3. Bill Benson said:

    Hi–I DID send a comment to Daniel Benson–your email said otherwise. This glitch needs some attention if it repeats itself throughout your enterprise.

    Bill Benson

  4. My grandson, Sean McLaughlin, has been creating art since he was three years old and now he has really outdone himself! His works are beautiful and I am so happy to be able to see how wonderful they are without actually being with him as I live a good distance away. Gram Junod.

  5. Great way to view artwork. I think it would be nice if the T shirts came in black or colors.

  6. I know the school get some money from art work that is sold does the artist also get something from what is sold? Ms Keener

  7. K. Williams said:

    Love Artsonia and so does my school community. Without parent volunteers it is a lot of work but SO worth the effort.
    I also love that I get a knowledgable live person when I call for help.
    I want to enter group art work (murals, auction art) to each child’s page without doing it individually. Thank you for working on this.
    I would welcome the elimination of the Artist of the Week, as small schools like mine cannot compete, and because it is random. Why not simply randomly choose a student to “win”?
    Perhaps you could have a “Suggestions” category in your menu, to let teachers directly address improvements for your amazing program. Thank you, Artsonia.

  8. how long does this website keep the artwork on file? are we able to order artwork from past years?

  9. artsonia is so cool

  10. Rex Hoggatt said:

    I am very impressed with this website. My granddaughter Kinley has posted some wonderful pictures on here. Keep the great work coming!

  11. vickie r conley said:

    i think this is an awsome site, my first time here my granddaughter kylie has two pic’s posted and i was just tickled to death to see them on your site, ths is sooo encouraging to keep our children interested in the arts> Thank you so much. I will definately be a frequent visitor!!!

    Nanny from West Virginia

  12. alexandrea103 said:

    , i love artsonia

  13. Teresa Feezell said:

    I was so Excited about getting on my email & seeing my daughter had 2 of her art projects on here, Made her Mommy proud:)

  14. Nana Arlene said:

    I love your crooked, spooky tree Bella. And I love you too.
    Nana Arlene

  15. What a great program. It’s the first time seeing my son’s artwork online. Fabulous.

  16. alynn mahle said:

    I am a huge Artsonia fan–my own 2 grandchildren have a number of art pieces here, and my boyfriend’s grandchildren do, too. It highlights children’s talents and allows friends and family all over the country to admire the artwork. It is also my favorite way to support the schools, as 20% of the cost of the products go to child’s schools. I recommend Artsonia to people all the time. I do have a few suggestions. I would love to see you offer puzzles with the kid’s artwork on them–I think it would be a big seller. Also, in the jewelry line, a pin would be a great addition. Thanks!

  17. Nana Arlene said:

    How can I read my comments of a week ago, to my granddaughter artist Bella Grasso? I’d like to review what I wrote to her.
    Nana Arlene

  18. […] Part of our“Why Artsonia? Because…”  series […]

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