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Why Artsonia? Because…

Top Reasons Art Teachers Use Artsonia

Over the past decade, Artsonia has evolved into more than just a website for teachers who want to showcase their classroom art.  Instead, conversations with art teachers, “techy” people, parents and students have inspired us to become an “online destination” giving visitors various ways to benefit from the Artsonia program. As part of an ongoing series, we’d like to take a closer look at WHY so many art teachers have decided to get their school involved with Artsonia.

When asked what convinced them to give it a try, many responses are similar and sound something like “So and so told me that I had to check it out and since it’s free to try, I figured why not!”  The second part of that question then prompts the teacher to let us know what it was about Artsonia that keeps them committed to the program.  It’s here that we kick off our first of an ongoing series of entries, providing you with a little more insight on the Artsonia program and what teachers/schools truly believe are the benefits of participation.

Part 1: Every Child Is An Artist

Part 2: Families Are Getting Involved in Art Education

Part 3: Kids Love It and Attitudes are Improving!


Comments on: "Why Artsonia? Because…" (25)

  1. David Tarzon said:

    Hi Tavey, Have you taken a look at our Jewelry selection in the Artsonia Gift Shop? To create a pendant out of a picture, you will need to take a clear picture of the artwork and upload it to Artsonia. From here, you can choose two options for the artwork – art fit inside or art to edge.

    With either option, we will put the artwork onto a 1″ round magnetic button which will fit into any one of our snap jewelry options. You can buy multiple buttons, each with a different piece of artwork, that can be interchanged into the jewelry piece or you can buy several various jewelry pieces and interchange the single button into anyone of the many jewelry pieces.

    There are many options available!

  2. Tavey Wright said:

    Is it possible to send in a picture and have it made into a pendant?

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