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Welcome to All Things Artsonia, the official blog of Artsonia! Here we will try to keep you posted on the latest happenings in and around the world of Artsonia!

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What you can expect to read about…

Teacher Spotlight – Bringing the Artsonia Community Together: We’re always thrilled to share the successes and accomplishments of those Artsonia teachers who continue to mold and inspire their students. We also know there are plenty of brand new teachers who are anxious for advice, wisdom and perhaps even some mentoring from those who have a few more years under their art smock. Stay tuned for teacher spotlights, call-to-action items for mentors and much more to connect our ever-growing community of educators!

Features, Features and More Features: Although we can’t promise new features every week, we can promise that throughout the year, you’ll hear about new features and functions for teachers as well as for parents and even the students!

Fundraising & Customized Keepsakes: Keep up to speed on the current fundraising opportunities available through Artsonia. You’ll also get an inside look at our production team and what they’re up to throughout the year! Whether it’s taking inventory, testing products, getting creative with layouts and designs or just putting stamps on postcards, we’ll let you know! Learn more about how we make the products, how we decide which products to offer and get a closer look at the time and effort we take to make each product a personal keepsake for young artists and their families.

The Colorful Team of People Who Make it Happen: Instead of just painting a picture of our employees in your mind, you’ll actually get to meet them. We’ll give you a glimpse into the office, the print room, the warehouse or even somebody’s living room! By the end of the year, you’ll know a lot more about the kind of people that Artsonia is fortunate to have on board!

Thanks for stopping by and if you’re ready to keep up with all things Artsonia, we invite you to subscribe to our blog!

Comments on: "Welcome" (16)

  1. Mary Deschamp said:

    I accidently removed a child’s artwork from Artsonia. She used the name LCH (Gr. 4) last year, but now is LH (Grade 5). I deleted LCH’s work. Can it be retrieved and entered under LH for Grade 5 for Jack N. Darby (school)?

  2. Dear Grandparents,
    Simply contact the teacher by email, school note, or through artsonia on the gallery page- click on the” meet and greet the teacher” link. Then leave a comment for the teacher asking her to change it. good luck

  3. Julie Johnson said:

    How do we correct our grand daughters spelling of her name?

  4. I like it

  5. Have you considered making skins or decals for iPads???
    I think these would be terrific in the Store.

  6. This is a great website!:):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I like it

  8. Joy Kennedy Grubis said:

    Artsonia is a fantastic business that is creative and very inspiring to new artists. I have made multiple orders of my daughter’s Kindergarten work. All of her original art pieces from first semester were destroyed by a house fire on Christmas eve. We are thankful that there were so many of her copies immortalized on the Artsonia site. Thanks for showcasing our children’s work and for your quality products. Also, thanks to our most incredible teacher Mrs. Johnson!

  9. Mrs. Aultman said:

    I have really enjoyed using artsonia to create digital portfolios of my students artwork this year. I have had really great feedback from the parents at my school and they particularly enjoy being able to share art with family members who may not live close enough to share with otherwise. I was wondering if there would ever be an option to share collaborative work and credit multiple student artist in an artwork?

    Mrs. Aultman

  10. I would love for you to create an easy way to post the same picture to an entire group/class/grade level. I have done some awesome collaborative projects for charities and as permanent pieces in my school that involved over 100 students. It is way too time consuming to post a single shot of the finished work over and over to each child’s gallery.
    Please help me spread more art to the artists that created it. Thank you

    • Sarah – Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll take it back to the team in our next semester review to see if there are any group-upload options that might be available.

  11. I just think this is great!!! Wonderful Fantastic Awesome Love It!!!!

  12. I would like to,buy a tote,bag.but i like the,other ones,,more big and thick.the,last year ago 2011 did u have ,more?.can i other,please…thanks

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