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One of the best features on Artsonia is the way families come together to celebrate the creativity of a young artist. Joining fan clubs, signing the guestbook, surprising a child with a keepsake featuring his/her artwork – all are ways that families and friends encourage their young artists. However, we’ve noticed that thousands of Artsonia artists don’t have any fan club members, not even a parent! So, we have a quick tip for teachers, on how to try and get more parents registered on Artsonia!

First – Consider your own busy schedule.  If you’re waiting for some new art supplies to hit the shelf, would you rather visit your favorite store daily to hunt around for the items, or just get an email that tells you the exact products you’re looking for are available?

Now, consider the parents at your school. If they want to see their children’s artwork, would they prefer to browse to Artsonia, search on their child’s name and then look to see if any new artwork is published yet…Or, would they prefer to simply get an email that announces new artwork in the gallery so they can click one link and see the masterpiece?

Everybody wants convenience, right?

So what’s the easiest way to get parents registered? Print customized take-home slips on Artsonia! All the information they need to get registered will be at their fingertips! And, be sure to tell your students what it is, so they encourage mom/dad to sign up!

Step 1: Login to your Teacher Account

Step 2: In the upper left side, green box, click on TELL PARENTS!

Step 3: Choose Method 2 => REQUEST NEW SLIPS

Step 4: Using the options provided, print customized take-home slips (3 per page) and distribute!

SAMPLE Take-Home Slip for a non-registered parent:

Parent TakeHome Slip

Step 5: Enjoy the new buzz that’s come over the classroom as more and more families get involved in their child’s art education!


Comments on: "Tell Parents: Take Home Slips" (9)

  1. I loVe that we are able to see our kids’ Artwork on here & leave notes for them! Super convenient!!! 😉 I just wish that we could see/& be fans of the other Artists’ too~ so that they too~ can have positive feedback said about their hard work/Artwork~ 😉 😉 🙂

  2. Juli Golleher said:

    I love your artwork publishing. Maddox is a very talented boy. Way to go maddox I’m very proud of your artwork !!

  3. Wow looking good

  4. What a wonderful supportive way to celebrate the art that our children make. As a student of fine arts, I am such a huge fan of all of my little granddaughter creativity, in all areas. And I absolutely love the idea that this is a way to get the opportunity to see the things that she does, that sometimes I would not ever see. As a parent of a fortunate community that not only art is even offered, along with music and physical education, here I found this link. I am very disappointed that not only was I never told about it, it is not being used. And now I want to know why.

  5. I love my son’s artwork. It looks great on my new phone case. I’m so happy that the school decided to do this!

  6. Liz valleen said:

    Love this feature! Our parents are enjoying seeing all of their kids work, as well as their classmates.

    My question is how can I correct a bad parent email address?


  7. My first time on this site. Glad I could be apart of Larrissa’s life and see her art work. It is very impressive!! Thank you for this site. Susan

  8. that is cool and old school

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