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Every Child Is An Artist

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Every Child is An Artist (1)

Artsonia teachers come from thousands of schools spread across 130 countries around the globe.  While that alone depicts a diverse group of people, there are far more ways that the students they teach are very different from one another as well. The towns, the communities, the neighborhoods, the family structures, the socio-economic levels, the school building, the art room, the available supplies – all these influencing factors play a role in the type of student who sits down with the art teacher to create the next masterpiece.

There are so many ways that students differ, but a common reason that Art Teachers love Artsonia isn’t about diversity (at least it’s not  in this blog entry!), but instead, it’s about equality.  The Artsonia program instantly levels the playing field for all these students.  Every child is an artist and through Artsonia, they can also be published, famous artists. The Artsonia program wasn’t designed as a website for only “the best” artwork, it was created as a place where all children could safely and proudly share their artwork with the world. It’s a place to celebrate the creativity of young people and that means ALL young people.

We know that art teachers use Artsonia in various ways. Some only submit artwork from certain grades or certain projects, while others will publish every piece of artwork created at the school.  Regardless of the art teacher’s decision, we believe that Artsonia is indeed being used to encourage kids to be creative and to let them feel just as deserving of the “published artist” status as the classmate next to him or the peer halfway across the globe.

With all the labels given to children these days and the impact that one’s skin color, family income or beliefs can give unjust cause to put walls between children sitting in the same classroom, we are proud to represent a program with no walls, no borders, no “not good enough” labels.  They’re all kids, they’re creative and they want to be recognized! We’re Artsonia and it’s an honor to showcase the artwork of these famous, published artists in our gallery!


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